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I am creating this little web space to store and share various excerpts from my life which I hope we will enjoy together. My name is Tony Kandhari. I am an Indian by birth but have spent nearly all my working life in West Africa – in Nigeria and in Ghana. Two countries quite close to each other yet ‘Same Same but Different’. I enjoyed my work thoroughly, it was usually a 7 day week, but we were happy with our life there, surrounded by good friends and colleagues,. My wife and I have traveled a fair amount within Nigeria and Ghana and we have also gotten to travel to most major countries in Europe and in the Far East on business and on family holiday, Times were good and the years just flew by. Before we realized it, 30 years had passed. Our son was not even a toddler when we arrived in Nigeria, he started his Kindergarten in Lagos. Now he had completed his MBA and had added several years of work experience as well . He is married, has children of his own so yes we’ve even become grandparents !

Time was certainly not sparing anybody, our parents back home were growing old too. There was always that nagging feeling after every trip that we made to see them, that this might well be the last time we would be seeing them. And we ourselves were not growing younger either. Our hair was turning grey too. Work is a never ending assignment, and it would be foolish to believe that any person is indispensable. With all these thoughts playing in my mind, I took the decision to call it a day as far as full time work overseas was concerned and to head back home to India.. it was time to give some time to ourselves. I rather liked the thought of being able to spend quality time with my family, play with my grandchildren, work at my own pace if I wanted to, and indulge in some things that I never had time for earlier.

It has now been some years since we re-settled and there has never been a dull moment where we have found ourselves at a loose end. We have used our time to travel extensively within India, something we never go to do while we were abroad. From the beaches of Goa to the mountains of Sikkim, from the Tiger Reserves of Ranthambore to the backwaters of Kerala, from the high passes of Ladakh to the toy train of Darjeeling, and recently to Ooty and Kodai, we have been there since our return. In any case, our experiences in life started well before the Wi-Fi and Internet Era, from those forgettable times when there was a waiting list of over ten years to get a telephone connection in India. But they were fun days too.

Be with me as I share some of these unique experiences with you.




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